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On January 16 2001, the launch of Jewelsmith started a new chapter in the annals of jewellery design, training and services, in Mumbai.
Jewelsmith is a commitment to good jewellery that is sustained on the richness of tradition and yet explores avant-garde concepts that expresses the passion of the personal.
Aimed to fulfill the demands of a burgeoning industry, Jewelsmith services are for students, jewellery design teachers, designers, bench-work artists, and all jewellery professionals. From exclusive designs to discerning consultancy to comprehensive training programmes that are structured and customized for optimum results.
Staffed by experts who bring in more than thirty years of rich experience in jewellery design, manufacture and markets, we integrate several aspects of a jewel’s development and its reach to the end-consumer.
Jewelsmith as your design connection seeks to fulfill your objectives in the gems and jewellery industry.
We look forward to understanding your requirements for jewellery services.

— Maryada Sharma – Founder, Creative Head

About Us

The Creative Head and Founder member of Jewelsmith is Maryada Sharma.
A practicing jewellery artist for around 33 years, Maryada Sharma’s passion for jewellery has led her to an in-depth understanding of jewels –  the inspiration and concepts for jewellery design, varieties of metal, materials, forms and processes that create jewellery to its application for the industry and presenting it for the delight of the jewellery consumer.
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